Thursday, December 9, 2010

Never Go On Empty

As Artists we need to "fill our well" daily. We fill our gas tanks so we can move we must fill ourselves with lovely fuel to keep us going and giving to others. This photo was taken by my daughter at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens , it was an amazing afternoon full of colorful memories.

I hear Artists speak of "writer's block" and a feeling of emptiness and I always suggest a walk in the park or a visit to an Art Gallery or some other outlet that inspires and invigorates like a look at a good book. We all have wells we must continually fill so that we can create , create, create. We create a healthy environment for our families, we create a smile for someone in line at Walmart, we are constantly is important to find ways to surround ourselves with Beauty to help us
stay "full". Yes, we do run on empty at times.......but the cliche' phrase "stop and smell the roses" has some merit to consider. Even a whiff of a rose might be just what you need to get you through the morning !